Empowering the next generation through business ethics workshops


ExxonMobil has consistently placed significant emphasis on business ethics. In addition to establishing Standards of Business Conduct for employees to adhere to, the company also puts a strong focus on education to nurture ethical business talents. Following the Business Ethics workshop held at the City University of Hong Kong in March, ExxonMobil Hong Kong (EMHK) collaborated with Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK) again to conduct two online workshops on May 18 and 25, where volunteer speakers Barry Li, GMT Technical Portfolio Manager, and Ian Wong, Loyalty and Card Programs Manager introduced the principles and values of business ethics to participating students.

The workshops provided students with the opportunity to play the roles of organizations or employees, engage in case analysis with their newly acquired knowledge, and make informed business decisions that balance organizational and public interests to prepare themselves for the professional environment. The speakers also referenced ExxonMobil's ethics policy to illustrate how clear guidelines can assist employees in adhering to a company's core values and sustaining high ethical standards. Students also actively engaged in the Q&A session, inviting the speakers to share their personal experiences and insights on resolving ethical challenges.

Business ethics not only play a crucial role in the growth of enterprises, but also profoundly impact the well-being of employees, the environment, and the general public. For the past 18 years, EMHK has been the exclusive sponsor of the JA Business Ethics Program, intending to nurture the next generation of ethical leaders who will make prudent business decisions and contribute positively to the business community and society.
JA BE workshop
JA BE workshop