Igniting passion in youth to explore future career opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

ExxonMobil always strives to inspire the young generation through various channels. In support of Junior Achievement Hong Kong’s Study, Career and Entrepreneurship Pathways in the Greater Bay Area Seminar on March 4, Steven Poon, Deputy General Manager, ExxonMobil (Huizhou) Chemical Co., Ltd. and Government Interface Manager, China Ventures shared with local secondary students his work experience in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). He explained to the students and their parents how ExxonMobil strived to meet society’s energy needs and produce performance products that support modern life while providing innovative solutions to support a net-zero future. He also discussed the career opportunities in the GBA and the merits and challenges of working and living in the GBA. 

“The GBA provides huge job opportunities in the nine cities in Guangdong province, which greatly benefits to youngsters’ career development. With the competitive advantages in professional ethics, flexibility and adaptability to change, language skill, digital literacy, global vision and international horizon, Hong Kong youngsters shall take the advantages of the opportunities there to enrich their personal life and broaden their career horizons,” said Steven Poon.