Paying a "flying visit" to the service station where art meets digital elements

With an extensive network of service stations under the Esso brand in Hong Kong, we never cease from making progress to enhance every step along the customer journey. Pay a “flying visit” to the service station on Tai Po Road where art meets digital elements by watching the aerial video below.

As you approach the service station, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the 36m long mural painted by two young local artists with vintage oil pumps and fascinating Hong Kong views in vibrant colors, showcasing ExxonMobil’s 127 years of history in the city.

Entering the service station, you will not only find our friendly staff, but also the interactive touchscreens at the pumps and LED display boards at the wall. Information about the latest promotions and various products can be easily obtained with just one touch or glance. 

Uniquely located on a hillside, the service station is also ready to serve non-drivers. Hikers can drop by the distinctively furnished convenience store to enjoy cooling drinks, charge their mobile phones or take selfies with the giant mural.

Esso Tai Po Road is more than a service station. With the refreshing appearance, advanced digital features, and specially designed convenience store, it also represents Esso’s continued effort in enhancing customer experience. Come and let us energize your journey!