Explore the beauty of nature

Despite these difficult times, ExxonMobil Hong Kong (EMHK) remains unwavering in its support of environmental education. Sponsored by the company, 47 colleagues and their relatives and friends participated in “Green Power Hike 2022” organized by Green Power and “Green Hero challenge 2022” devised by The Green Earth, bringing the best of both worlds: Raising fund to support the environmental education works both charities have been doing and offering our colleagues a chance to take a nature break.

Riding on the events, the company also organized an internal hiking contest cum Instagram post creation competition to encourage participation and enable the colleagues to share the beauty of nature in their eyes with others. We can tell from the photos contributed by the colleagues that how strong the healing power of nature can be, for which EMHK is striving to promote environmental education. The winning submissions will be published on ExxonMobil Hong Kong Instagram (@exxonmobil_hk) in these two weeks. Stay tuned!