Fighting against marine litter

ExxonMobil Hong Kong took action to protect the environment, with two teams of colleagues joining the joint beach clean-up events with two community partners respectively on Oct 29 and Nov 5. 

Trash is everywhere at first sight when colleagues from Commercial Sales arrived at Shek O Beach. After carrying out a painstaking search of wastes on the beach, the beach was finally back to normal. During the debriefing, our community partner V Cycle showed a straw with several holes bit by fishes picked up from the beach, highlighting that plastic waste into the oceans can break up into tiny plastics in a short period of time that can be easily consumed by the marine biota throughout the food chain, thus posing a great threat to not only the marine habitat but also the health of human beings.”

Driven by the breathtaking view of  Lung Kwu Tan, the sole black sand beach in Hong Kong, the team formed by colleagues from Chemical, Fujian JV Coordination Office, Law picked up the litter laying on the beach tirelessly so as to keep them away from the beautiful environment. A Plastic Ocean Foundation, the host organization stressed that we should never underestimate the difference we have made. Every piece of litter we picked from the beaches; every post advocated for the environment we posted on social media; and every step we have taken to make this place more livable, is actually far more influential than we can imagine. 

Kudos to all participating colleagues for their tremendous efforts. Let’s keep up the momentum to protect our environment.