Learn to cherish our sight

As the saying goes, “The eye is the window of the soul”. ExxonMobil Hong Kong invited Orbis Hong Kong to host a blindfold lunch for our colleagues on October 19 with an aim to enhance colleagues’ understanding about the difficulties the visually-impaired are facing every day and pledge support to Orbis Hong Kong’s eye health education works. Kick-started by some interesting and practical eye care Q&As, colleagues put on their eye masks and accepted two challenges including drawing self-portraits and having lunch to experience life with vision lost. 

Through this event colleagues found out life of the blind is so much harder than previously imagined and thus being grateful for having good eyesight to see the beauty of the world. As pointed out by Orbis, joining a blindfold lunch with vision lost for a short period of time may sound easy but it is definitely not a game for the blind given the adversities they are facing so it is of paramount importance for us to protect our eyes and cherish our sight.