Instilling the concept of resources recycling in young people

ExxonMobil supports using resources efficiently and preventing plastic waste from entering the environment. As part of the #rightbin plastic recycling program supported by ExxonMobil Hong Kong, three campus-based plastic education workshops have been conducted by our community partner A Plastic Ocean Foundation separately in three international schools to educate the students about the plastic waste issue in Hong Kong and thus the crucial need for effective recycling to make good use of the resources. 

Students formed groups and each group was given a bag of plastic to sort by types, practicing a challenging but vital part in the whole recycling process to identify materials suitable for reprocessing. Moreover, each group had to come up with a proposal on how to develop a profitable plastic recycling business by turning recycled plastic bottles into invaluable products, enabling them to tap into green economy, one of the global trends for sustainable development.

Plastic recycling is not only a way to achieve plastic waste reduction but also to create a conducive environment for the promotion of investment in the sector, thereby sustaining value creation for the long term in the protection of the environment.