Enhance emergency preparedness through joint drills

The ability to respond to emergencies promptly is a critical aspect of ExxonMobil’s business. Not only do we keep providing refresher trainings to our employees to reinforce their learnings, but also work closely with the authorities to conduct drills and exercise regularly. On Jun 25, a major incident exercise was carried out jointly by ExxonMobil Hong Kong, Hong Kong Police Force and Fire Services Department in Tsing Yi terminal to prepare for possible critical incidents in the future so as to ensure operational safety at any time. 

In the drill associated with tank fire, our staff proactively liaised with the involving authorities to put out the “fire” and conduct mass evacuation and rescue as aligned in a bid to minimize casualties and damage to properties in such circumstances. This preparation enables us to provide a robust response in emergency situations to help protect the safety of people and the environment, putting our motto “Nobody gets hurt” into action.