Turning waste into products

Landfills in Hong Kong will reach full capacity soon while plastic waste is one of the contributing factors to the problem. With an aim to easing the burden on existing landfills so as to protect our environment, ExxonMobil Hong Kong (EMHK) worked with our community partners A Plastic Ocean and V Cycle to launch a 3-month plastic recycling program at office to encourage our colleagues to make recycling a habit in support of resource management optimization. We organized a kick-off event in February to arouse colleagues’ attention to the importance of recycling and drive their actions.

Thanks to the active support from our colleagues, seven rounds of collection were arranged and around 30 bags of a rich variety of plastic waste such as drink bottles, personal care product containers and stationery have been collected. All the plastic collected have been sent to the recycling plants and used to re-produce some valuable products such as textiles. If all of us are willing to take one more step, plastic waste will certainly be reduced, resulting in a better environment.