Igniting youth minds to cultivate ethical future leaders


Young people are our future pillars. ExxonMobil Hong Kong (EMHK) has been contributing to capacity building of the youth generation through programs that help them develop personal values and unleash potential. Midstream Global Competency & Training Manager Barry Li and Asia Pacific Retail Fuels Sales and Marketing Director Mabel Leung share the same thought and pledge to nurture our youngsters to be ethical decision makers by delivering EMHK-supported business ethics workshops organized by Junior Achievement Hong Kong on March 16 and 25 respectively.

With firsthand experiences shared by Mabel and Barry, around 120 participating tertiary students understood that making ethical choices is not straightforward since different factors and views of stakeholders have to be taken into account while the decisions made may lead to severe consequences on oneself and the business. Being capable of making ethical decision is of paramount importance to a successful business leader.

Supported by EMHK since 2005, the Business Ethics Program has benefited over 6,000 tertiary students in Hong Kong by providing them a learning opportunity to understand business ethics and acquire ethical leadership skills which help prepare them for future career success.