Leveraging Esso’s citywide station network to support beverage packaging recycling


ExxonMobil shares society’s concern about plastic waste in the environment and supports transformation of plastic waste into valuable products. In collaboration with Drink Without Waste (DWW), ExxonMobil Hong Kong has set up 29 plastic bottle collection points leveraging Esso’s extensive filling station network across the city with an aim to increase plastic collection rates by offering convenience to our customers. All the collected plastic bottles will be sent to a local qualified recycling plant and processed into food-grade ready materials for manufacturing new products.

In Hong Kong, over 80% of the packaging used for beverages end up as waste in landfills but less than 1% are recovered while many of them are actually recyclable and can be converted to a broad range of valuable products. DWW, a broad coalition of stakeholders, has been formed to focus on the management and reduction of single use beverage packaging waste in Hong Kong. Little drops make mighty ocean. We hope to encourage the public to make recycling a habit and transform plastic waste into valuable products by joining this initiative. 

Motorists are encouraged to drop their used plastic drink bottles at one of the below 29 Esso service stations in Hong Kong: