Taking steps to ensure safety and health

The well-being of our people and customers is always our top priority at ExxonMobil Hong Kong. At our oil terminals, in our office, and throughout our service stations and piped-in LPG facilities across the city, we are taking all necessary steps to help our employees, contractors, customers and business partners remain healthy and safe, while working to meet the energy society needs during this challenging time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Protecting our employees
We have put important measures in place at our office, Tsing Yi Terminals and other ExxonMobil facilities to protect the health and safety of our workforce, from frontline customer service representatives to back end operations staff. 

Cleaning procedures have been enhanced for workplace premises to ensure frequently touched surfaces are regularly disinfected. Flexible work arrangements have been adopted to allow office employees to work from home where practicable. For those employees whose work requires them to be at one of our facilities, we have put additional safety measures in place, including entrance temperature checks and health declaration, as well as provision of disinfectant spray or hand sanitizers in common areas. Facility layouts and operating procedures have been adjusted to ensure social distancing. We have also provided information to employees and contractors on how to protect themselves and their families in terms of good hygiene, reducing social interaction, and avoiding large gatherings.

Safeguarding our customers and supporting our business partners
Across our operations, our people are ensuring that we continue to safely and efficiently produce the energy society needs at this critical time. 

We work closely with operators of Esso service stations and their staff to ensure customer experience at the service stations remains safe and convenient. To safeguard both frontline staff and customers, the service stations are more frequently cleaned and sanitized, from fuel nozzles to store countertops to door handles. Station staff members are required to wear masks when serving customers, and wear gloves whenever deem necessary. Besides, we recognize that convenience stores represent a quick and easy resource for purchasing food and personal care items. We are focused on keeping these essential items in stock and on the shelves for our customers.
We have stayed in close contact with operators of our piped in LPG system (PIGS) and reminded them to heighten vigilance and take appropriate precautionary measures, which include observing at all times personal hygiene, stepping up the cleaning and disinfection of their stores, and wearing masks when serving customers. 
In addition, necessary supplies, such as face masks, have been provided to the operators of our Esso service station and PIGS facilities and their staff members for use to help maintain good personal hygiene. 

Keeping the energy flowing

Energy has been called the engine of the economy and will be essential for the economic recovery that will follow.  This is an unprecedented environment. We remain focused on keeping our operations running safely and delivering reliable supply of energy, while protecting the safety and health of our people and customers.