Teaching ethics to a younger generations

Ethics and integrity are two of ExxonMobil’s core values. As a socially responsible company, ExxonMobil Hong Kong not only puts a strong emphasis on employees’ business conduct with its ethics policy, but also spreads these values to younger generations through the power of education.

In an effort to educate university students about ethical decision-making, for 13 years ExxonMobil Hong Kong has sponsored a Business Ethics program organized by Junior Achievement Hong Kong to expose students to issues they might face in workplace.


The program is now offered in an intensive mode, condensing two days into 3.5 hours of class time to allow more flexibility in class scheduling and provide greater access and opportunity to students. Recently, our current and retired colleagues hosted three sessions at the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

In those sessions, speakers emphasized both organizational and employee ethics, and outlined social responsibility in the modern world. They shared insights on how to balance ethics and profit. To make the program more engaging, they took examples from the news and students debated the case studies. They also shared their own real-life experiences, and reinforced the importance of sound ethical judgment for a successful career.

The speakers received a positive response and thank you notes from participants, who expressed their respect for ExxonMobil in practicing business ethics in its operations. The students’ enthusiasm motivates ExxonMobil Hong Kong to continue its efforts in spreading ethical values further.