Esso service stations

We provide high-quality products and services to customers in Hong Kong through an extensive network of service stations under the Esso brand.


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Esso service stations
With an extensive network of petrol filling stations in Hong Kong and Macau, Esso is dedicated to helping customers go further with its quality Synergy petrol, and giving customers great value with our Esso Smiles Driver Rewards™ program.

Esso Synergy™ fuels

Helping you get more out of your journeys.

Esso Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol

Esso Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol helps protect your car by reducing friction in your engine and decreasing engine wear.

Synergy Extra

Developed as a high-performance petrol suitable for most cars, it also contains a friction modifier additive that will help you get more out of your journeys.

  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps engines run more smoothly
Synergy Diesel

Synergy Diesel contains a powerful additive that helps provide excellent detergency performance and anti-foaming properties for faster filling.

  • Helps clean up fuel injectors
  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps reduce emissions

Automotive LPG

Currently there are around 16 Esso-branded service stations supplying automotive liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Hong Kong. We are committed to supplying quality automotive LPG to our customers in a safe and customer-friendly environment.  We thoroughly test our LPG to ensure that it meets the specifications to fuel our customers’ vehicles and equip our service stations with features such as gas detectors and water sprinkler equipment to ensure safety at all times.


Esso Smiles Driver Rewards™

Discover many ways we make petrol work harder for you.

Get value with our quality Synergy petrol right now! 


Start collecting Esso Smiles points immediately with your Esso Smiles card and enjoy great rewards with every purchase of quality Synergy petrol.

At Esso, we're dedicated to helping you go further with our quality Synergy petrol, as well as giving you great value with our Esso Smiles Driver Rewards™ program. Every liter of Synergy petrol gives you Esso Smiles points, so you will be all set for the journey ahead. 

Find the latest list of rewards from our Esso Smiles Driver Rewards™ program.

Our stations

An upgraded look and improved fixtures offer a more pleasant station experience

Get more out of your journeys when you drive into our redesigned stations to enjoy Esso’s improved Synergy petrol and the various services we have for you.

Synergy fuels symbol
The "energy burst" symbol embodies both the science behind our fuel and the energy it contains.
Refreshed station design

Our stations have been revamped for a cleaner, brighter and fresher look to provide a better refueling experience for our customers.

Convenience stores

Enjoy ultimate value and convenience at the convenience stores in our extensive service station network. It’s easier to get everything you need, including Mobil 1 automotive lubricants, anytime you need it!

Lubrication services

Visit us to get your car checked and running smoother by our car lubricant specialists.

Car wash
Get your car cleaned at our car-wash sites.
Tyre pump

Get your car pumped at our tyre pump sites.

Station network
Find Esso service stations near you.

Environmental measures


We conduct our business in a manner that is responsive to the environmental and economic needs of the communities in which we operate.  The measures that we take to reduce our environmental impact in Hong Kong include:

Vapors recovery system

A vapor recovery system is designed to capture the vapors emitted during the fuel unloading and dispensing process in order to reduce emissions and recover fuel that can be returned to the energy stream.

Each Esso service station has installed a vapor recovery system in compliance with Hong Kong government’s Air Pollution Control (Petrol Filling Stations) (Vapour Recovery) Regulation.

Better lighting
LED lamps are more environmentally friendly than compact fluorescent and incandescent lights because they use less energy. That is why we have installed LED lights under the fixtures at Esso stations, illuminating the pump area for better visibility and safety at night.

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