Show ethnic minority community care and support

Upholding the spirit of fostering corporate citizenship and community caring, ExxonMobil Hong Kong (EMHK) partnered with St. James' Settlement's Wanchai Integrated Family Service Centre last December to launch a mother support program, offering activities like forest bathing and hair care product workshop to help mothers from ethnic minority groups unwind by developing new interests. Our EMHK volunteers showed their support by participating in the activities together while engaging participants with empathy and encouragement. The program concluded with a festive year-end party for the families to spend quality time together and celebrate a new year with love, care, and joy.
We hope participants found the program an enriching experience and look forward to continually supporting communities from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
Hong Kong's ethnic minority community is integral to our city's diversity. Recent statistics from the 2021 census show a significant 37% rise in the ethnic minority population since 2011*. It is essential to assist these community members, particularly young mothers with children, to alleviate stress as they face various challenges adjusting to life in Hong Kong.
*2021 Population Census Ethnic Minorities 2021 (