Helping young people explore career opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

ExxonMobil is actively investing in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). In the Dayawan Petrochemical Industrial Park in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, ExxonMobil is progressing a project for ethylene cracker and performance product facilities and is establishing a research and development center. As an essential part of the GBA, Hong Kong plays a crucial role in nurturing local talent for individual and regional development. Given ExxonMobil's extensive experience in business development within the region, Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK) has invited ExxonMobil for the second consecutive year to speak at the Study and Career Pathways in the GBA seminar.

On May 30, Steven Poon, Deputy General Manager and China Ventures Government Interface Manager of ExxonMobil (Huizhou) Chemical Co., Ltd., along with Hao Huang, Senior Government Interface Advisor, and Betty Huang, Environment Engineer, traveled from Huizhou to Fanling Kau Yan College to serve as volunteer speakers. Steven introduced ExxonMobil's projects in Huizhou to over 285 F4-F5 students and discussed career prospects in the GBA, while Hao and Betty shared insights on how their studies and work experiences in the region have contributed to their personal and professional growth. The seminar concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where students proactively raised questions about career opportunities in the GBA.

"The GBA offers many exciting opportunities and challenges," said Steven. "We aim to leverage our firsthand experiences to provide students with deeper insights into the region and encourage them to explore the career opportunities there. With an open mind, they can discover numerous life possibilities and pave the way to success."

The Study and Career Pathways in the GBA seminar is part of the JA Plan For Future initiative, a three-year project designed to provide over 10,000 secondary school students with comprehensive career and life planning resources. We are proud to collaborate closely with JAHK to support this meaningful project and promote youth development.